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What is Required to Homeschool Successfully?

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Education Options

How can I use this format? However, individual instruction was increasingly supplanted by systematized group methods fueled by child labour laws and other social changes that placed more children in schools. Not long after universal compulsory school laws were enacted—a process that was completed in the United States by the early 20th century—some parents and educators grew dissatisfied with the dominant school system and offered alternatives , including learning at home.

School vs Homeschool: Which Student Does Better?

Although instances of homeschooling can be found throughout the 20th century in the United States, neither the term nor the practice became widespread until the last quarter of that century. In the early s there were about 20, students homeschooled in the United States, but some three decades later the figure had increased to 1. At about the same time, homeschooling was also increasing in other countries, such as the United Kingdom , Australia , and India.

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Twenty-first-century investigations into education in China and Colombia indicated that homeschooling had also gained a foothold in those countries. Reasons for that rapid growth vary, but they generally centre on perceived deficiencies in traditional education, such as a claimed lack of emphasis on teaching moral and ethical behaviour, a threat of violence in schools, and ineffectiveness in dealing with both learning-disabled and highly gifted children.

Some countries have placed restrictions on homeschooling. Since that time, however, homeschooling has become the commonly accepted term for many types of learning outside of school.

Parent Qualifications

In the s Americans Raymond Moore and his wife, Dorothy, also prominent education authors and devout Christians , advocated delaying academics for children, especially for boys, until they were developmentally ready for them. Like Holt, Moore found a more-receptive audience for his ideas among parents—and particularly Christian parents—than among school personnel, and Moore became a popular thinker and leader for the burgeoning Christian homeschooling movement. By the late s, however, Holt had died, and Moore lost influence to other Christian leaders.

Mason advocated teaching Latin or other languages that once provided the foundation of a classical education. Private schools, correspondence schools, and curriculum providers—such as Montessori schools originated by Italian educator Maria Montessori and characterized by individual initiative and self-direction , Waldorf schools derived from the work of the spiritualist lecturer Rudolf Steiner , and Roman Catholic and Evangelical schools—all recognized a new market and made their materials available to homeschoolers.

In the United States and its territories, homeschooling has always been a legal option for parents, though with the establishment of formal education it was rarely exercised until the late 20th century. Although legal action has been taken against homeschooling households, it has been prompted by issues such as truancy and educational neglect, not the act of homeschooling itself.

As homeschooling grew, so did the monitoring of homeschoolers, and by the early 21st century 40 states had adopted homeschooling regulations. Those regulations, however, vary by state. For example, several states, including New York and North Dakota , are highly restrictive, requiring the provision of achievement test scores or other formal evaluation, parental teacher qualification—for example, requiring a high-school diploma or GED General Educational Development certificate —state-approved curriculum, and home visits from state officials.

Other states, including Florida and Washington , are more moderately regulated, requiring test scores or another form of professional evaluation. States with less regulation include Wisconsin and Utah , which require only that parents notify the state of their intent to homeschool their children. Setting up your home for a school area. Choosing a curriculum.

Setting a homeschool schedule. And so much more!

When you homeschool, your child finds out with you! They learn so much more than what they could find out in the classroom. Look at the proven facts:.