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Influence of perceived egocentric co-ordinates on the subjective visual vertical. Neuroscience Letters, , Paillard A. The elevator illusion results from the combination of body orientation and egocentric perception. Physiological and psychological effects of escape from a sunk submarine on shore and at sea. Aviation, space, and Environmental Medicine, 80, Perceived head-trunk angle during microgravity produced by parabolic flight.

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Aviation, space, and Environmental Medicine, 79, Effect of Achilles tendon vibration on postural orientation. Difference in the perception of the horizon during true and simulated tilt in absence of semi-circular canals cues. Experimental Brain Research, 1 , Role of neck muscle proprioception on the orientation and location of the body midline. Mars F. Le Travail Humain, 68, Aviation, space, and Environmental Medicine, 75, Job A.

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Hearing Research, , Contribution of tactile and interoceptive cues to the perception of the direction of gravity. Cognitive Brain Research, 20, Charles C. Over-stimulation of the vestibular system and body balance.

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Vestibular research, 12, Contribution of somaesthetic cues to the perception of body orientation and subjective visual vertical. The role of cognitive factors in the rod and frame illusion.

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Perception, 30 12 , Effects of fluid ingestion on Cognitive Function after heat stress or exercise-induced dehydration. International Journal of Psychophysiology, 42, Gentaz E. Oxford University Press. ANQ, 28, Studies in English Literature, 55, European Romantic Review, 26, Notes and Queries, 61, Romanticism, 20, Studies in Romanticism, 44, Notes and Queries, 52, Studies in Romanticism, 43, Forum for Modern Language Studies, 39, Revolution or reaction : Shelley's 'Assassins' and the politics of Necessity.

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Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier. Romantic Norths : Anglo-Nordic Exchanges, , Springer International Publishing. In Gurr, J. In Pratt, L. Wales and the Romantic Imagination pp. University of Wales Press. Interrogating the 'valley of wonders' : Some romantic-period debates about Chamonix-Mont Blanc. In Lamont, C.

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Romanticism's Debatable Lands pp. Shelley and the Discourse on the Sublime.

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In Price, F. Mellen Studies in Literature. Romantic Reassessment, Silence, Sublimity and Suppression pp. Edwin Mellen Press.

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Prefaces 1 Duffy, C. Introduction : 'The less known, but equally romantic, regions of the north'. Romantik: Journal for the Study of Romanticism, 6, External full text New window Miscellaneous 4 Duffy, C.