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But that doesn't matter to the "aligned". To those who have had the power in the party or from it have directly benefit. In this small group of the "lined up" unfortunately we discuss people and not ideas. So we are where we are, electoral speaking. If this situation is not reversed by the general of the militants and the political opportunistic in our party is not replaced by the discussion of ideas, values, references and programs, I will even consider, with great regret, but by imperative of conscience of right-Wing Portuguese, Chance to hurt me.

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It's the last chance I give myself to believe that this party has an amendment and that it can be useful to Portugal and the Portuguese. Finally, on the news about the party's accounts, I challenge: - I would like to see the candidates for the presidency ask for a judicial audit of the party accounts, to clarify the - who did what. It will be the only way to clear the name of the party and the militants who do not deserve what is going on. In Conclusion: Cds destinations are now in the hand of the good will and serious militants we have. If you don't take the opportunity to change national leaders and action, I don't see much future.

As the party is of the militants and not the leaders, To the militants the word and the decision. Cordial greetings. Right - liberals - left - main focus - evident differences See table below attached - click with the mouse over the slide. Human references - the three levels - individual, collective, For Now, the organization of society, human references:. The first level of human organization is family.

It's your "Port of shelter", your direct influence on giving and receiving, your first source of learning. Your great home and your with-National, your compatriots, which helps you identify yourself in the middle of the world as being gregarious and politically organized and identified. Whether the nation has a state that represents it or not.

We have numerous examples of this; just one example: the Kurdish people that are so much talked about. It is not because they have their territory dominated by turkey and Iraq, it is not because they do not have a state, a recognized and independent political power that represents them, which no longer have a national feeling, a strong sense of homeland. In your search for the first reason of your existence, - the existence of others, your world, the world, - comes to God.

Even those who don't believe in their existence end up getting there for reason. If we don't see: the most fashionable theory today is that the world was generated by the "Big-bang"! This may even be the material cause, within the reach of the limited observation of the human being!

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Louis Pasteur said: the more I learn my scientific knowledge, the more I seek the first cause, the more I come to an answer: God. And so long ago, regardless of religions, the fundamental trilogy of their circumstances was established in the human being. Your own individuality is surrounded by the three decisive factors: - your close organization. Your "Port of shelter", the realm of your day-to-day coexistence: the family; - the community organization, its sense of belonging to a nationality, a psychologically cohesive community: the nation and the homeland; - the transcendental, what transcends him, which is out of his domain and often out of his understanding, the supernatural: God.

And for fear of this statement, its strength, its strength in the face of other ideas, the left will be entertained this trilogy. Because it defends an equality and equality that only exists in utopia. That's it for now. I will return to this long topic. Click with the mouse over the slide Cordial greetings Michael Mattos keys Translated. Send Message. Pre-premiere - presentation As my life does not depend on politics, but on my academic and professional work,. I have today the pleasure of presenting first hand to my friends and my esteemed readers who have had the patience to read me and encourage, The third book of my own.

Please see and read the cover and back cover in the photo below.

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The Title of the book is: "History - Portugal-Europe to ". This book of mine is a contribution to better know some aspects of the history, politics and strategy of the European Union and Portugal, from to It is a contribution to understand a little bit of the history of how Portugal, as a decision center, has answered the European and world challenges since world War II. We also understand, especially the new generations, the history of how the European continent has evolved, from World War II to today. Based on official documentation, international treaties, that is, primary and unquestionable sources, this aims to be a work that helps other scholars and researchers, who seek the truth and rigour of facts, produce further work.

I also share with great honor and personal pride that the preface to this book of mine, was written by illustrious Professor Doctor Adriano Moreira, An essential figure of the Portuguese Academy and national politics. More I inform my friends and esteemed readers that the book is already in the typography for printing and should be ready in three weeks. It will be presented for the first time at the lisbon geography society on October 30th at 17 pm, for which you are already invited. The second public presentation ceremony of my study will be in the city of figueira da foz where I perform political functions, a session for which you are also invited.

I will present you next in other cities where there is interest of the people to do so. Technical Note: the book will have pages divided the matter into 12 chapters. To all I send my greatest greetings. Miguel Mattos Chaves There I went to vote. With lots of reservations. But I was. I don't leave my decision to anyone. Let's see the future.

Michael Mattos keys Translated. Given the method of counting votes in force in Portugal of method ,. That is, who is Is voting, Even if indirect, In the most voted party For the people who go to the polls.

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From this framework of reality it is that - there are no useful votes. Stay the alert. It's worth thinking about this. Cordial greetings Michael Mattos keys Translated. Analysis and information Election Programs - Author: Headquarters Dear friends and esteemed readers, Together with the analysis and comments of the unsuspected headquarters on the electoral programs of all parties. It has 18 pages, but I believe that headquarters provides a useful and serious service to voters. So you will be more informed, so you can decide as you want who to vote for or who does not vote!

Political analysis The situation we are in Good reading and happy holidays My dear friends and esteemed readers, We have seen today, especially since the beginning of the century.

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  • XXI, to the rise of so-called "causes", in the media. Many of these, in their terms and content, among themselves. Many of these against the nature of human being. Let's see: 1th contradiction - at the same time as defenders of so-called human rights; C - defend the ban on the abandonment of animals by people, but refuse to penalise the abandonment of human elderly by their families, when they happen; C - promote "Animal Welfare" and produce laws that harm the human being, rational animal, menorizando the last face to irrational animals; D - try to ban traditions and customs, EX.

    Bullfighting in favor of active and noisy minorities, just because they do not like them; But do not recognize others the right not to want the money of their our taxes to be applied in "culture", often more than dubious and especially supporter of that same left; C - forced to remove from the treaty of Lisbon the reference to the supreme value of Western civilization, this is their Christian and Jewish matrix; C - promote the "adoption" of children by United Homosexuals, even knowing that the child needs father and mother, since man is a man and that this truth is part of the nature of human being, in general, and western civilization , in particular; D - they want to impose something that is absolutely contrary to nature and in this there are only two gender - male and female with the approval of laws of transgender and such.

    And allowing children to watch pornography on the internet, or be the subject of "education actions" on freak such as the rejection of nature by the invention of transsexo; And, not few times, imposing by actions called " educational " the orientation of the child, so that this " choose " sex different from what is natural; My dear friends and readers, Here I continue to strive for the values and references of true western civilization, and in particular, of the values and customs of Portuguese society prevail over these attempts of destruction; Destruction We have seen from the left Social Democrat, socialist, Communist, Maoist and trotskyist and its objective allies the liberals.

    I leave this comment and this reflection to your consideration. Best regards Michael Mattos keys Translated.

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    Political analysis. The problem of the right with the gadget. The problem of the right with the voters. Who's fault? My good friends and esteemed readers,. The truth is that the political leaders who ruled us from to , who say right-Wing, did everything backwards. We are against our principles, references and programs.

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    Let's see what the right who knows what he's doing does when he needs money to pay public debt;. Let's also see what the left when in power does normally. From the observation of reality let's see how everything is exchanged in the economic and financial field. That is the confusion is installed in the heads of one and others.