Fitface Facial Exercises: The book of face and neck exercises

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Usually delivered in 2 weeks? Hamilton Charlotte. Atlantic 3. The natural face-lift How to look beautiful forever with only face exercises.

Fitface, with over pages, 70 photographs and 60 hands free face exercises is packed with the essential information you need to know about how to tighten sagging skin, smooth wrinkles, eliminate folds, build collagen and elastin. This giant book shows you "how to" get a fabulous fit toned face - fast, that lasts forever, in just 15 minutes a day without any risk, expense or pain. Cosmetic surgeons agree that tight facial muscles are the most important part of looking good.

It's not your skin that sags, but that, over time your muscles become slackened - tighten them with Fitface - as a result your face will lift naturally. The knife only shortens and weakens muscles, needles just paralyse and temporarily plump muscles, expensive creams are superficial - only Fitface works on both the issues of your muscles and skin tone.

Fitface Facial Exercises: The Book on Face and Neck Exercises

Skin grows from the inside out. Charlotte Hamilton Biography Born in in Dorset, England into the poorer end of the land of gentry and spending the first 4 years of her life on her Grandfathers' mini acres country estate.

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The fat, ugly duckling grew up in the shadow of her gorgeous outlandish mother to become a swan and she left home. From working Jersey in the Channel Islands she ended up living and marrying trice in Californian and still in her twenties gave birth to her only child, a daughter. After which she briefly lived in the Bahamas for employment as a General Manager but her daughter was constantly ill with from the heat and the mosquitoes bites so she left. Her forties were her "mixed up" stage with yet another disastrous marriage, compounded by and her daughter's horrendous accident in which she sustained 21 fractures to her face.

Charlotte decided to make a new start in Florida where she had been regularly visiting for the previous 5 years.

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There she began to write the first Fitface. However just 2 years later, just when Fitface 2- Hands Free Facial Toning was published her mother in England had a fall and Charlotte returned to Sussex England look after. She remains there and has now written Fitface 3 - The book on face exercises full of 10 minute routines. Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing? Good question, I had never thought of that before but perhaps you've got a point.

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I grew up in a natural environment in the British countryside, grandma and mother cooked what was available locally. I still love nature, and fresh nutritious food perhaps that is why I am into a healthy lifestyle!

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When did you first start writing? Oh gosh, probably essays at school but I used to get carried away with the story and forget the spelling, punctuation and grammar. Thank goodness for 'Spell check' but as much of my writing is factual the words are not in the dictionary - worse, the US and UK versions are different!

Words: 49, Language: English. Published: September 17,