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From the Revolutionary War to World War II, these men have served their country first as sailors, soldiers, pilots, and generals before being elected to the highest office to lead the country. Take a look through our collection of images featuring some of those presidents in their military uniforms. Next Creating a Federal City.

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  • Unit looking into Army major in uniform telling Biden she prays he’ll be president.

Betty Bloomer Ford was not a politician. She was a dancer, a model, a wife, and a mother. She never This position reports to To help these veterans Search WHHA - start typing and then listen for common searches like yours. Featured Collections. The Sessions Podcast. Have you Ever Wondered Can you name the most famous ghost of the White House?

Why is the White House white? When was the first official set of china for the White House ordered? Has the White House ever been renovated or changed?

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What is the Resolute Desk and where did it come from? See More Questions. Get in touch. Presidents in Uniform.

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Current Edition Subscribe Digital Edition. It was largely shot at the Potsdam military orphanage, now a teacher training college for women. Carl Froelich's studio in Berlin- Tempelhof was also used.

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Reader questions: When were school uniforms introduced?

The film's original working title was Gestern und heute Yesterday and Today but this was thought too insipid and changed to increase the chances of box-office success. Although sound had only been used for two years in cinema, it was used artfully. The film was groundbreaking in having an all-female cast; in its sympathetic portrayal of lesbian "pedagogical eros" see Gustav Wyneken and homoeroticism , revolving around the passionate love of a fourteen-year-old Manuela for her teacher von Bernburg ; and in its co-operative and profit-sharing financial arrangements although these failed.

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Actually there really was a Manuela, who remained lame all of her life after she threw herself down the stairs. She came to the premiere of the film. I saw her from a distance, and at the time Winsloe told me, "The experience is one which I had to write from my heart. Thiele also said, "However, I really don't want to make a great deal of [ That's far from my mind, because the whole thing of course is also a revolt against the cruel Prussian education system. After many screen tests, Winsloe had insisted that her friend Thiele play the lead role.

Unit looking into Army major in uniform telling Biden she prays he’ll be president

Director Sagan would have preferred Gina Falckenberg who had done the role on stage in Berlin, but along with having played Manuela in Leipzig, Thiele had already played a young lesbian in Ferdinand Bruckner 's stage play Die Kreatur The Creature and although twenty-three years old when filming began, she was considered to be more capable of portraying a fourteen-year-old. The film had some impact in the Berlin lesbian clubs, but was largely eclipsed by the ongoing cult success of Der blaue Engel The film did however generate large amounts of fan mail to the stars from all over Germany and was considered a success throughout much of Europe.

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  7. The goodnight kiss Thiele received from Wieck was especially popular: one distributor even asked for more footage of other kisses like it to splice into prints of the film. From its premiere at the Capitol cinema in Berlin until the film is said to have grossed some RM6,, Despite the collective nature of the filming for which cast and crew received only a quarter of the normal wage, none saw a share of the 6,, marks and Thiele later hinted that the profits had been mostly retained by the producers.

    The film was distributed outside Germany and was a huge success in Romania. During a interview Thiele said the school play scene caused a "longstockings and kissing" cult when the film was first shown there. It was also distributed in Japan, the United States where it was first banned, then released in a heavily cut version , England and France.

    Later, an alternate ending which subtly pandered to pro- Nazi ideals enabled continued screening in German cinemas, but eventually even this version of the film was banned as 'decadent' by the Nazi regime, which reportedly attempted to burn all of the existing prints, but by then several had been dispersed around the world.

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    Sagan and many others associated with the film fled Germany soon after the banning. Many of the cast and crew were Jewish , and those who could not escape from Germany died in the camps. Assistant director Walter Supper killed himself when it became clear his Jewish wife would be arrested.