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What is your image of God?

It is very helpful to find out how the person actually perceives God. If the person has experienced severe trauma, they may not be able to remember events in a timeline. The memories will likely come out in bits and pieces and very disjointed. It can be very difficult for people to share experiences that have caused deep pain and shame, and some will be in a state of denial.

Emotional honesty is the first step in healing and what sets inner healing ministry apart from other healing such as physical healing or generational healing is that these emotions and memories have to be acknowledged and dealt with. Most people hide their wounds, not understanding that their wounds can be the source of healing. The pain shows where the injury is — it directs us to the memory that needs healing, just as a pain in the foot shows us that we may need to see a physician.

What's Wrong With Inner Healing? |

A prayer minister must demonstrate tremendous patience in this listening phase while the person tries to reveal their memories. Prayerfully ask the Holy Spirit to bring to light whatever memory needs to be healed. Positive, life—giving memories are equally important. Everyone has some good memories, but a person in chronic emotional pain may not be able to remember these.

Christian or Occult?*

The Holy Spirit often releases these positive, loving memories, because they are strengthening and healing. Inner healing can be blocked by many obstacles.

What is Inner Healing?

Again, as you hear the person's story, listen sensitively for the leading of the Holy Spirit into areas that need to be explored. We have found the following areas are common blocks to healing:. When we pray, God's love and healing power can transform painful memories and free us from emotional and spiritual bondage. The Holy Spirit never erases a memory; he simply reframes it with his truth and removes its crippling effect.

11 Signs that you need inner healing

Deliverance prayer, binding prayer, cutting—free prayer, which are all prayers of authority, may also be necessary. Always follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit, asking Him to reveal any blocks to healing that need to be prayed through. Inner healing is usually not instantaneous, but requires time as God removes the layers of woundedness in our complex emotional framework.

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God's love is central to the restoration and healing of damaged emotions. People who need inner healing often suffer from a 'love deficiency.

Inner Healing - 528 Hz - Increase Positive Vibrations / Restore Inner Peace - Meditation Music

The capacity to trust is second in importance to love, and arises out of feeling loved and secure. Most people who need inner healing have trust issues, and their lack of trust inhibits their relationships with people and with God. Healing of damaged emotions can help reunite them to others in their personal relationships, and to God. Francis and Judith MacNutt describe inner healing this way, "Jesus, who is the same yesterday, today and forever, takes the memories of our past and heals them from the effects of those emotional wounds that still remain and affect our daily lives.

He can fill with His love all those places in us that have so long been empty. Before we can be truly set free, we must have eyes to see what's at the root of our problems. God has built both spiritual and physical laws into His creation. They apply to our lives whether we are aware of them or not. And love is the essential ingredient that fulfills all of these laws. By realigning ourselves with the tools of love — forgiveness, mercy, and grace — and applying them to our root issues, those roots begin to lose their power.

The damaging effect they have had on our lives subsides. That which was out of rhythm with God's perfect design is removed! The cross was the final victory over sin and death. Victory was and is always there for our taking, yet sin and death are still hard at work to keep us from truly experiencing the freedom Christ has brought us.

By healing the areas of our hearts that have not yet come into agreement with this truth, we experience the true freedom that God intended us to have.

Inner Healing

Prayed inner healing and deliverance three months ago with forty year old Kim. Inner healing is using prayer and the Word of God to heal the deepest wounds to our souls; wounds were caused by trauma or abuse that is too much for us to cope with. Deliverance is just another more palatable word for Exorcism. Inner Healing And Deliverance Testimonials. Love it 3.