Leadership and Influence (Hypnosis & Subliminal)

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They also struggled to gain approval to carry out studies. In fact, this remained true throughout the late twentieth century. Over the past decade, there has been a renewed interest in subliminal messages. Thirty years of research have proved that such a message works. Better yet, there has been a building interest in its positive impact on memory improvement and improvement in concentration. Psychologists and neurologists are turning their attention to this form of messaging.

To be precise, the participants were exposed to positive visual cues on aging. The result was striking. Following the exposure, the older adults exhibited higher levels of physical functioning. Bergland, Exposing participants to positive age stereotypes decreases their negative perceptions of aging.

This even holds true if the exposure is a subliminal visual cue. What is amazing about this experiment is what it proves. In this case, the messaging had a chain effect. Positive thinking or affirmations , whether received in subliminal message form or not, are an extremely powerful tool. This strengthened their positive self-perceptions.

The Leader In Subconscious Mind Reprogramming

And this improved their physical functioning. This was not the first study to find that older adults have much to gain from exposure to positive messaging. One study found that subliminal self-help could counter habitual negative thinking. Levy et al, In this case, older individuals were exposed to positive messages about aging. Interventions occurred at 4 1-week intervals. They compared the effects of non-subliminal and subliminal messages.

What did they find? This means that messages received subliminally had a greater impact than messages received with conscious awareness. Another recent study at the University of Kent also found that subliminal persuasion works. This time the study focused on high-performance athletes. The researchers flashed subliminal cues, including action-related words, to athletes exercising on stationary bicycles. Now the research team is taking their research up at notch. If you can enhance athletic performance with subliminal suggestions, what else can you do? Blanchfield et al.

Success , Abundance & Wealth Subliminal

Until recently, many scientists also continued to doubt the impact of subliminal self-help. They were skeptical for a single but by no means insignificant reason. Guess what? Now they can observe these effects. Today, advanced neurological imaging technologies lets scientists see into the brain. We can now study the impact of various phenomena on the brain. Their study sought to investigate an important question.

Is the brain affected by images we are unaware of? To carry out their research, they used fMRI functional magnetic resonance imaging. Bahrami et al. In the end, the researchers discovered that that the answer is yes.

But now this new study offers solid evidence that we are also conscious of what we are not attending to. As Dr. Yes, this means that messages we are not even aware of do affect us. It affects our self-perception that can even effect our level of financial success. You got it. What does this mean? Hart, But the subconscious mind is not without its own filters. Repeated information is more likely to stick than information only encountered once.


The Surprising Impact of Positive Subliminal Messages

And this brings us to the question. How the subliminal information is received below the threshold of conscious awareness? These messages still Impact who we are and how we act in the world. Scientists now know that exposure to certain activities and messages create new neural pathways. You can rewire your brain by playing a video game over and over. This recent finding is nothing short of groundbreaking.

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It means that exposing the brain to certain visual or audio stimuli has a Major Impact. Just like you might rewire an old house, you can now rewire your brain. In both cases, there are benefits. Rewiring an old house can make it safer and more efficient. Rewiring a brain can also have positive effects.

The Surprising Impact of Positive Subliminal Messages - Light of Mind

You rewire your house by hiring an electrician. Maybe, the house that is your brain is stuck in a rut. It is influencing people with more than just words.

Tools for Making Your Life a Shurr ! Success

It is the power of what lies behind or beneath the language. It makes use of the plain word's normal message in combination with a lower level of conscious cognition to effectively influence a person's decision-making or line of thinking.

Hypnotic Voice - Influence People With Your Voice, Tonality And Language - Subliminal Affirmations

Covert language is covered towards the end of this page Why use subliminal persuasion? Truth is, you can't not use it. Every time you communicate with words you are sending other messages non-verbally whether you are aware of them or not. So, why not communicate an effective sales message both verbally and non-verbally? In fact, in this modern world, subliminal persuasion techniques are your weapons. They help you gain an advantage in a market with tough competition and keep you ahead of the game.

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Dave Lakhani who has written a number of books about persuasion and influence has said, "Persuasion that looks like persuasion isn't persuasive anymore. Since we are dealing with feelings there is a subconscious element to persuasion. As a salesperson you provide your prospect's unconscious mind with feelings of comfort and enthusiasm about buying while at the same time providing logical reasoning so the conscious mind can rationalize that choice. To begin any effective sales interaction your prospect needs to be open to the conversation and have some trust in what you say.

In that respect doubt is the enemy of persuasion. Since your primary function at the beginning of a sales call is to help a prospect feel comfortable about talking to you and believe what you say you need to be establishing rapport and trust. The most effective rapport building techniques are subliminal persuasion. I have written about this in my e-book, " Sales Rapport ". There are other subliminal factors that influence believability.

For instance how you dress. You need to know what works for you and especially make the connection from what you are selling, the industry that you are in and what you should be wearing to gain maximum effect from the people around you. An appropriately dressed salesperson shows respect for the prospect they are visiting and gives the impression that they care about how they look and perform this instills in the prospects confidence in their message.