Les relations internationales depuis 1945 (Histoire) (French Edition)

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Group 3. New challenges in the 17th and 18th centuries Friday 11 August , 3 hours. Wiesenfeldt, Gerhard, Max-Planck.

Boran, Elisabethanne, Trinity College, Dublin: "The Hartlib circle and the reform of the seventeenth century university". Negruzzo, Simona, Dott.

Emile Llorca (Author of Les Relations internationales depuis )

Finlay, Christopher J. Transitions and new university formations Thursday 10 August , 3 hours. Held, Dirk t. Withrington, Donald J. Hofstetter, Michael J.

Les Relations Internationales Depuis 1945 - 14e Edition (French, Electronic book text)

Italian Mezzogiorno between the 18th and 19th century: a case study". Group 5. Transitions in the research university, Friday 11 August , 3 hours. Varriale, Roberta, Istituto di Storia Economica del Mezzogiorno, Napoli: "The School of Law of the University of Naples between to a dynamic study through the analysis of newly-discovered documents". Group 6. Women at the universities Thursday 10 August , 3 hours. Women's university novels published and their historical background". Hammar, Inger, Fil. MacLachlan, Anne J.

Relations Internationales 1945 by Maurice Vaïsse

Group 7. University teachers in the the twentieth century Friday 11 August , 3 hours. Raemdonck, Liesje, Drs. Schandevyl, Eva, Drs. University Traditions in Denmark and Sweden, to , continuities and discontinuities".

FGS5 - Relations Internationales 1/2

University models and university developments in the 20th century Friday 11 August , 3 hours Group leader: Professor Sheldon Rothblatt, University of California at Berkeley. Rupp, Jan C. The Fulbright Program in the Netherlands, ".

L’Europe et les Europes (19e – 20e siècles)

Tamburri, Pascual, Dr. Group 9. Ericksen, Robert P. Balsvik, Randi R.

Cours de première année

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Annette Buzacoux.