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She has taught for the past twelve years at the University of Texas-San Antonio.

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She received her M. Celeste De Luna. A migrant can be defined as a person who physically moves from one country to another. I see myself as a migrant moving back and forth through multiple conceptual worlds.

De Luna. De Luna is a part time instructor at South Texas College, continues her studio practice, and collaborative creative projects.

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You can reach her at litebluna me. David Bowles. David Bowles comes from a family with deep Mexican-American and Southern roots, and the mingling of those cultural traditions have shaped him.

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He presently lives in the Rio Grande Valley with his wife and children. You can contact David at bowlesdo gmail. Edward Vidaurre. Letras Sin Fronteras. Chuck Taylor is a published poet, essayist, novelist, and short story writer. Samuel Arizpe is a Catholic priest ministering in the Diocese of Brownsville, the southernmost part of Texas that borders Mexico.

He recently earned his M. He is often surprised by where a poem takes him and believes that poetry -- reading, writing, and sharing it -- is at its roots the raising of consciousness, the practice of compassionate awareness. Katie Hoerth. A transplant to Rio Grande Valley, Katherine Hoerth is a poet who writes, teaches, and edits in the borderlands.

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She finds inspiration in the diverse cultural, linguistic, and ecological landscape of southern Texas. Much of her work revisions cultural myths and narratives including fairy tales, folktales, myths, and Biblical stories. She currently teaches writing at South Texas College. Mouthfeel Press has published two of her chapbooks titled Among the Mariposas and more recently, The Garden of Dresses Her first full poetry collection, The Garden Uprooted, is set for release later this summer from Slough Press.

She lives in the country just outside of Edinburg, Texas with her love, Bruno, and their five cats. Lauren Espinoza. This episode features an excerpt from a reading by the featured poets at the Valley International Poetry Festival on April 28, Trevor Wainwright. Jan Seale, Texas Poet Laureate.


She has seven poetry volumes and several books of prose. Shawn Elliot. Women's Voices from the Chicho.

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Barbara Renaud Gonzalez. Barbara Renaud Gonzalez is an award-winning writer, journalist, and activist. She grew up the eldest of eight with a Tejano father and a Mexicana mother. Gonzalez received a master's degree in social work from the University of Michigan and a bachelor's degree in social work from the University of Texas-Pan American. Laurie Ann Guerrero. Laurel Bill. The series developed after Laurel inherited newspaper clips, research and rare Alaska history books from her Alaska historian aunt, Phyllis Downing Carlson, who died in It started as a weekly newspaper column in The Anchorage Chronicle in July The column soon became one of the most popular features in the newspaper chain.

Tammy Gomez. As director, Gomez has staged performances of literature in the original productions "Siempre, Neruda" , and "Palabra: The Written Word, Spoken" She also produces Palabrazos, a festival of multimedia literary performance. Gloria Amescua. Rachel Ann Vela. He also has a novel, and the shadows took him , and another collection of stories called Chicano Chicanery. Linda Romero. Francis Theodore Pfeifer, O.

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The drug violence in Mexico and its ruthlessness has been a relatively recent development in the news but Father Pfeifer has been well aware of just how dangerous the cartels can be for decades. While serving as a priest in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in the southernmost part of Mexico, in the state of Oaxaca, Father Pfeifer experienced the wrath of the drug trade first hand. He escaped unharmed after cartel members fired a hail of bullets at his vehicle.

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The sleepy little towns he served began to change in when groups of drug traffickers appeared. They would show the local residents large sums of U. They started making friends with them, drinking with them. They had good eyes for who would be some of their candidates. Steve Vera. Millicent Borges Accardi. CantoMundo Fellows. Travis Whitehead. Vanessa Brown. Oscar S. Cisneros was raised in Brownsville, Texas. After attending UTB and graduating from UT Austin with honors in English, he went on to study law and graduate from UC Berkeley School of Law where his studies focused on intellectual property and other law and technology matters.

Oscar is presently a senior technology licensing attorney for a major motion picture studio in the Los Angeles area. He wrote and self-published his first book of poetry, The Flower Queen, while in law school. His most recent book, The History of Dying Stars, features more than 80 poems and 16 works of art. Segunda mesa de poetas: Conchita Hinojosa H. Matamoros Ismael Rubio Torres H.

Erika Marie Garza-Johnson. Rob Johnson. Christopher Carmona. His work also explores what it means to be Chican and works to reconnect with not only the indios of Mexico and South America, but also Native Americans in the U.

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He believes in practicing poetry as a form of social resistance. His first book of poetry entitled beat is also published by Slough Press. Liliana Valenzuela. An award-winning poet and essayist whose work has appeared in The Edinburgh Review, Indiana Review, Tigertail, and other journals and publications. Liliana is also a dynamic performer, recently engaged to record the audiobook edition of La casa en Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros for Random House Audio.

A past Director of the American Translators Association, she has translated literary works, art and photography books, museum catalogs, and web sites. Born and raised in Mexico City, Liliana is an adopted tejana. Oscar Bermeo. He makes his home in Oakland with his wife, poeta Barbara Jane Reyes.

Rossy Lima-Padilla. Representando al Consejo Nacional estuvieron presentes el presidente Carlos A. Ferlise y el asesor letrado doctor Javier Ferlise. Falsos sacerdotes de la letra escrita hacen de sus obras ceremonias letradas. Estamos evaluando las medidas a tomar con el asesor letrado de la municipalidad. Ninguno era ciudadano ni para la letra constitucional ni para la cultura letrada. La Sra.