Rhyme or Treason (the hard fought illusion of choice)

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All Out of Time. Dezmonique A. Inked Up. When my heart starts racing, My fingers I'm here but my mind is miles away.

I feel wavelengths of desolate thoughts crash over me as the shell of my body floats Sanity Subverted. In Memorandum : There were signs. A lot of them. Sanity was distorted. Everyone focused on one, one focused on everyone. Hidden Keys. Phantom Hands.

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I Write. All day at school Feeling Alone No one to talk to Friend? I had not one I was depressed Cuts on my arm I'm not good enough The Voice Inside Me. It whispers to me like the wind whispers through the trees. It calls to me as a mother calls for her children. It seeks the Spacing out. I Wanna See Change.

I wanna see cheange like walking into a store without being spyed on. I wanna see change like going to court without being Guilty Pleasure. Gripping the razor She admires its silver tone Exposing her wrist She examines her canvas She glides the razor Ever so Unanswered questions. What if I told you I wasn't okay? Loving Reflection. Dying in the Rain. My once happy self Behind Her Eyes. She gazes blankly at the wall, pondering what to do next. Is this her final curtain call? All because of one heartless text Discontent, sadness, What am I worth?

To get there.

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To get there Rising each day the sun gleams bright Following the path to a better night Hunger aches me daily As I struggle Auto-Who gives a fuck. Welcome to the mind of the twisted minded Depression took him over, now he is blinded From what he can remember he was When you Seek Love. When you seek power and control over other people, you waste energy. When you seek money or power for the sake of the ego, Hidden Angels. You are my hidden angel It is not your time to leave You still have many more You are a hidden angel You suffer You cry You Inner Fall.

I been determine, I been determine all these years to win, To be sufficient enough to achive,But, But what happens when your Sorrow Sorrow is the pitter patter of rain drumming steadily on my roof. It is the feeling of a heart piercing shard of pain The past that defines you, or the path you decide to take? At 12, my innocence seized Mind fuzzy and fogged, allowing the darkness to take over Several attempts, trying to make the I feel different, I know I am. I get stares just by walking in a room, I get laughed because I don't have that pair of shoes They say that love cant exist without hate, but i dont find that to be true The hatred is strong Strong enough to stop the I try to be a winner But the cuts on my wrists remind me that I'm a sinner And perhaps mostly that I'll never get better And How They Punish Me.

Give me liberty or give me death. They stare with distaste, that test What is Fear.

Poem of the Masses

Is Fear darkness Unconsciousness: The Bedtime Story. Today is the last day that I'm neglecting words. They've inspired me, acquired a new meaning to function effortlessly and Writings on the Wall. Like waste my life reeks Of things that could be done But never did Because here I am Typing away worthless words Still more Black Cloud.

Why has this feeling come to me once more It's like an old ghost knocking at my front door anxiety and worriedness have Depressing Haiku. Why must I crywanting to die? Sad puffy eyesthat wont go dryI loathe this lifeand days that fly. Sick and deprivedto feel Daddy of Mine.

A treasury of war poetry, British and American poems of the world war, 1914-1919/Reflections

Cold wind blowing. Chills run down small spines. I turn around, you're gone. We never got to Wait, Pythagoras took State? No one cares You know what really gets my cornucopia of thoughts filled with anger?

Hard Fought Illusions of Choice: Rhyme or Treason

The fact that all threw my education life I have told The test says that I'm a winner,But I'm not. Just tell me this You feel very fragile just like glass When it comes to problems that appear in your life Making it more difficult than it We will hurt. Looking down at the blade upon my wrist, I thought It's better this way if I hurt my self. As the blood dripped from my arm Push yourself. We find ways to make it. We are stronger than we think. Most believe they will break So they give up at the brink. It is Words were there for me when no breathing being was They filled me up and I spat them out on loose-leaf paper They were my This one's about life.

I was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment For a crime I am guilty of But am yet to commit.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall. There's this girl in the mirror I wonder who she is. There's a story, lullabies, and goodbyes When she's looking back at me Im scared. The Past Never Fades. From birth I was raised by the one I loved, but the one I loved was not the one that birthed me. At first, things were Its everywhere around the room Piles are here and there bulging from the drawers unraveled and unmaintained years of Depression hurts.

The Wallflower. I have always been the wallflower When I tried to bloom away with the wind, I came back with no power. Week by week, day I'm the type of person. I'm the type of person to keep things to myself. My feelings and emotions are kept in this bottle. I was never really this The Flaw. My flawless imperfections were made by God rigid skin, like the after effect of lightning versus a rod a black heart was My Throws are for God.

Upon thy field you've blessed. The track of home. The throw my will.