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Lost your password? Please enter your email address. You will receive mail with new password. Riptide Advantages Easily convert multiple disparate documents and document types into a standard format. Pull content from different content repositories.

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Distribute in a standard format for multiple destinations. Track output delivery by user and job.

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Eliminate bottlenecks retrieving content from ECM systems for output. Easily and economically comply with customer requests for information as well as legal and regulatory discovery demands. Save time and cost by eliminating the need to manually retrieve, print and package requests for information Rapidly respond to customer, government and legal requests for information Federate document search, retrieval and response across multiple disparate document repositories Insert tables of contents, notes and watermarks to selected documents to better explain information to recipients.

Riptide works with any document type in nearly any ECM system. In short: Riptide makes it easy to find the documents you need and rapidly distribute them in a universally accepted PDF format using multiple delivery methods. Riptide ePresentment Solution built for organizations with ePresentment requirements such as bill and statement presentment.

We're here to help you We know that your success depends on more than high quality software. Professional Services.

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Last name. I agree with the Terms. Create account. For every client that is defined in your configuration the following beans will be created and wired.

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Every single bean in the graph can optionally be replaced by your own, custom version of it. Beans can only be overridden by name, not by type. As an example, the following code would add XML support to the example client:. The following table shows all beans with their respective name for the example client and type:. If you override a bean then all of its dependencies see the graph , will not be registered, unless required by some other bean.

In case you need more than one custom plugin, please use Plugin. This annotation allows for convenient testing of Riptide Http clients.

Beware that all components of a client below and including ClientHttpRequestFactory are replaced by mocks. If you have questions, concerns, bug reports, etc. To contribute, simply make a pull request and add a brief description sentences of your addition or change. For more details, check the contribution guidelines.

In case you don't want to use this Spring Boot Starter you always have the possibility to wire everything up by hand.

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