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Who was Abba Isaiah the Solitary?

Morphologic evaluation for differentiation of benign and malignant lesions. Jeremy J. Erasmus , John Edward Connolly , H. Page McAdams , Victor L. Evaluation of patients with pulmonary nodules: when is it lung cancer? Solitary pulmonary nodules: Part II.

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Evaluation of the indeterminate nodule. Erasmus , H. They affirm our identity or our sense of a stable self-concept.

They are the ways that we engage with the world around us and receive feedback and reinforcement for playing our role in it well. In his book The Sacred Enneagram , Chris Heurtz connects these triadic groupings with three core contemplative practices that help loosen the grip of our ego: silence, solitude, and stillness. Our unconscious patterns are all various ways that we take departures from presence.

These contemplative practices are all ways that we can return to presence by removing a form of fuel that the ego is running on.

Confine to Solitary: Part 1

Typically in our day to day lives, we are almost always communicating our thoughts in some form, whether it is through speaking, writing, texting, or choosing the perfect Emoji to send. This endless outward expression keeps the head center busy in a constant churn of ideas, concepts, views and opinions. When we halt the never-ending packaging and production of thought forms by practicing silence, we start to notice how repetitive our thought patterns are.

Abiding in silence removes the ego-fuel for the head center; combined with awareness, this can help reveal habitual ways of thinking.

The ‘When They See Us’ Central Park Five Finale Is a Solitary Confinement Mini-Movie

This is because the ways that we want to feel are often tied to a way that we are striving to be seen by others. We want to be seen as lovable. We want to be seen as valuable. We want to be seen as special. When we achieve this desired image as reflected by another human being, we are able to feel the way we want to feel. When we are completely alone in a dark room, we can no longer rely on the reflections of others to locate ourselves and make sure that we are feeling okay. Abiding in solitude removes the ego-fuel for the heart center; combined with awareness, this can help reveal habitual ways of feeling.

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When we are in solitary confinement inside an earth dome that is only 4 meters in diameter, there is really nowhere to go and nothing to do. The activities of daily living are stripped down to the bare essentials: eating, shitting, sleeping, and sitting.

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A solo meditation retreat in total darkness is the holy trifecta of contemplative practices. The convergence of these three practices in one experience means that we are deliberately and completely removing the three main food groups that feed the ego.

Abba Isaiah the Solitary Part 1 — Wind Ministries

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