The Deaths of Dr. Zhen (Tales of Fear, Fantasy and Fiends Book 1)

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Now, while on a regular six-month patrol through the solar system, Kidhr picks up a distress call from the freighter Hercules. Available from 23 Jul Footsteps in the Dark Short Stories Dedicated to that ominous strain of horror that sends a shiver down your spine, this selection of masterful tales gathers the weird and wonderful from a rich tradition of genre writing.

This latest anthology in the popular series of Gothic Fantasy collections features classic and contemporary authors.

Tales of gold in the abandoned mining town of Hecla abound. The only problem-those who go seeking their fortune never return. Black-eyed children, strange lights and ferocious wild men venture from the deep, dark ghost mine These tales of love, courage and intrigue, shared for thousands of years, still exercise a powerful influence on our modern lives.

Wells Short Stories H.

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Wells, one of the founding fathers of science fiction created a rich universe of short stories, many of which are collected here in this special deluxe edition. The Star, The Time Machine and A Dream of Armageddon are amongst the many gems which make this a fitting companion to the other titles in our bestselling Gothic Fantasy series. Available from 15 Apr Contains a potent mix of classic and brand new writing, with budding new authors from around the world.

Hearthstone Cottage Author Frazer Lee Mike Carter and his girlfriend Helen, along with their friends Alex and Kay, travel to a remote loch side cottage for a post-graduation holiday. When Mike becomes haunted by a disturbing presence in the cottage, the bonds of friendship are tested as he must uncover the terrifying truth dwelling within the walls of Hearthstone Cottage.

Hellrider Author JG Faherty When Eddie Ryder is burned alive by fellow members of the Hell Riders motorcycle gang for ratting on them, he vows revenge with his dying breath. He returns as a ghost, with his custom motorcycle Diablo by his side and launches a campaign of vengeance that leaves plenty of bodies in its wake.

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Heroic Fantasy Short Stories Somewhere between epic history, sword and sorcery and Tolkien-esque fantasy exists a thick vein of storytelling that would make Robert E Howard and H. Wells proud. We present a compilation of savage swordplay, and high magic, of daring deeds and gaudy battles, in a blazing mix of classic and brand new writing from terrific modern authors. Human Resources Author Robin Triggs Anders Nordvelt is chief of security so, when a prominent member of a dissident group is murdered, it is his job to find the killer.

His energetic, dense creations are perfectly suited to the powerful tales of the early Celts, and the later stories of an Ireland of mighty hearths, dreaming of battlefield glory, ancient gods and mystical isles. Junction Author Daniel M. Bensen When nature show host Daisuke Matsumori finds himself on an alien world, he hopes to rekindle his passion for his work. After his exploratory party crashes in the alien wilderness, however, Daisuke must focus on leading everyone back alive.

As members of the party continue to die, he wonders if one of his companions might be a murderer. ISBN: 86, words - pages - Electronic book text. And with the dark fiction of William Hope Hodgson and Arthur Machen this promises to be a haunting, chilling read. Contains a fabulous mix of classic authors, and brand new writing from the fresh talent of today. Lovecraft Short Stories H. Lovecraft was the inventor of cosmic horror, of weird fiction and the Cthulhu mythology.

His stories found purchase in the fertile earth of pulp fiction where he inspired many other writers from Robert E. Howard to Clark Ashton Smith. This is a companion volume to our hugely successful Gothic Fantasy series of classic and modern writers.

This new, special collection brings together extracts of her novels and short stories, with an emphasis on the supernatural. Murder Mayhem Short Stories Following the great success of 's Gothic Fantasy, deluxe edition short story compilations, Ghosts , Horror and Science Fiction , this latest in the series is packed with hard-boiled detectives, monsters, psychopaths and a high body count, from classic authors and budding contemporary writers.

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A mining base at the edge of the world. Anders Nordvelt, last-minute replacement as head of security, has no time to integrate himself into the crew before an act of sabotage threatens the project. Then a body is found in the ice. Now Anders must do more than find a murderer: he must find a way to survive. One by One Author D. Gillespie The Easton family has just moved into an old house and Alice, the youngest, is excited to explore the new place. Her excitement turns to dread as she discovers a child's drawing of a family just like hers under the wallpaper.

When family members begin to disappear, it is up to her to unlock the mystery before she becomes the next victim.

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With tales of pirates, deathly fogs and ferocious rocks, these dark tales of the haunted mind, trapped like ghosts at sea, are sure to entertain and enthrall. This fabulous mix of new and established writing brings together the top talents of today with the likes of Jerome K. Jerome, E. Hoffman, L. Frank Baum and Ambrose Bierce.

But the construction of the park has stirred an evil that has lain dormant for nearly a century, a species so ferocious that Peaceful Valley is about to be plunged into a nightmare of bloodshed and damnation. Science Fiction Short Stories A deluxe edition of super-charged, original and classic short stories. Dystopia, Post-Apocalypse, time travel, robots and more this brilliant collection brings together the best of today's writers with an eclectic range of sf masters including H.

Rider Haggard, Stanley G. ISBN: , words - 25 illustrations - pages - Hardback - Deluxe edition, printed on silver, matt laminated, gold foil stamped, embossed. Second Chances Author P. Cacek Years since the first Travelers came back, their numbers have grown.

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There is still no explanation for their existence, but for the most part they have been accepted into society and given special protection under the law. There are those however who will do anything and everything in their power to put an end to the Travelers. Available from 27 Aug Second Lives Author P. Cacek When four patients unexpectedly wake after being declared dead, their families are ecstatic.

When a doctors recognizes the name of a girl whose death he witnessed, it soon becomes clear that the bodies are now inhabited by the souls of people long dead. The Holmes tales have earned their place amongst the most influential of popular fantasy, crime and gothic stories. Short Stories from the Age of Queen Victoria An era marked by sweeping change, the age of Queen Victoria was a time of rapid modernization as well as social and political upheaval, which is reflected in its literature.

Filled with captivating stories by some of the iconic writers of the era, this collection is a fitting companion to the other titles in our bestselling Gothic Fantasy series. Available from 25 Jun She left behind clues that may reveal the identity of the killer the press has called The Wraith. Snowball Author Gregory Bastianelli A group of motorists become stranded on a lonely stretch of highway during a Christmas Eve blizzard and fight for survival against an unnatural force in the storm. The gathered survivors realize a tenuous connection among them means it may not be a coincidence that they all ended up on this highway Available from 30 Jan Stoker's Wilde Author Steven Hopstaken, Melissa Prusi Years before either becomes a literary legend, Bram Stoker and Oscar Wilde must overcome their disdain for one another to battle the Black Bishop, a madman wielding supernatural forces to bend the British Empire to his will.

But when their old ally Robert Roosevelt and his nephew Teddy find a new nest of vampires, they are once again pulled into the world of the supernatural, this time in the American West. Contains a fabulous mix of classic and brand new writing, with budding new authors from around the world. His investigation uncovers evidence of a sadistic entity which threatens not just civilization, but all life.

The Apocalypse Strain Author Jason Parent A multi-national research team, led by a medical genomics expert suffering from MS, study an ancient pandoravirus at a remote Siberian research facility. Called "Molli" by the research team, it is a force too dangerous to escape their compound. But the virus has a mind of its own, and it wants out. His new neighbor is an antisocial thug, with links to a local hate group. Or does he? Now he, Liam, and Kiri must return to Earth and liberate the colony from brutal occupation.

When Tajen learns the Zhen plan to destroy a human fleet amassing in preparation to help Earth, he and his crew must escape the planet once more and warn them. Available from 20 Feb Out of spite, he refuses to deliver the one piece of knowledge that can protect the people who saved but now spurn him - leading to catastrophic consequences. Available from 21 May The Dark Game Author Jonathan Janz Ten writers are selected for a writing retreat with the most celebrated author in the world, the legendary Roderick Wells. They think they are signing up for a chance at literary prestige, but they are really entering The Dark Game - a lethal contest pitting them against one another in a struggle for their sanity and their lives.

For years there had been rumors that the owner, Lilith Martin, had been part of an unholy cult. Then Lilith died and the house sat empty. Until now. Her nephew, Chris, and his wife, Ellie, are moving in as the house has a lot more room to raise a baby. Unfortunately, they will soon learn that Lilith has other plans. He even tells a stranger in a bar, who turns out to be his new neighbor, Regina.

One night he comes to find his wife dead.