The Passionate Lives of Deaf and Hard of Hearing People

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Gramer has been deaf since birth, born to a hearing family outside of Chicago. His parents decided to raise him orally, meaning that he would learn to speak and read lips rather than sign language.

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Like most children, Gramer primarily communicated orally with his friends and family. Later in his life he learned American Sign Language ASL and realized how much he had been missing even though he read lips.

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Taking lessons learned throughout his life and combining them with the passion for innovation he saw at Amazon, Gramer organized a group for Amazonians interested in learning and practicing ASL with the ASL Coffee Hour. Each time you view a new word or number, produce it yourself.

You'll be building muscle memory for certain letter and number combinations, making it easier to produce those patterns in the future. When you're watching these videos, see how many ASL features you can identify role shifting, eye gaze, rhetorical question statements, depiction, etc.

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Once you've identified these features, see if you can reproduce the story, using the same features effectively. If you are an interpreting student, record yourself interpreting source messages from the resources listed above. Then, find a study partner to back-translate the message. Identify where your partner struggles with the back-translation and go back and see if you can come up with a clearer interpretation for those sections. If you are an interpreting student, challenge yourself by interpreting some of these source messages. Record your interpretations and watch it back without sound.

Is your target message clear?

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If you're an ASL student, use these sources to learn about a variety of topics, building your extra linguistic knowledge! When you come across specialized vocabulary, can you think of a way to explain those concepts in ASL? Parent-to-Parent support for families with deaf and hard of hearing children. To join or for more info: www.

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Bring your happy feet! Learn basic ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop and tumbling moves. We will finish the session with a small show for our family and friends. NO dance experience is needed, and a uniform is not required please wear comfortable, fitted clothing if possible.

Promoting Deaf Pride, Amazon Releases ASL Version of Its Logo

Class adapted to the needs of the participants. Registration Required. When registering, please note any sensitivity your child may have such as noise or tactile, etc.

Questions please email hmergenthaler nccde. Deaf Bingo Dingo begins at pm. More info, contact jdrexlerjr yahoo.

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