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I was proud to be appointed by the Federal Court to represent James Bulger. He was sentenced to life in prison, but as a result of decisions by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, that sentence has been changed to the death penalty.

Inmates Version of Present Offense

The closest it seems Bulger ever came to getting that kind of exposure was on CNN, which aired clips of the mobster speaking over the phone with his lawyer Carney in Yet other government corruption surrounding his case has received far less attention. Bulger received his first prison sentence in 20 years for a string of bank robberies. That would come later, after his participation in Dr. Fear had me screaming and climbing the wall.

Whitey's Career Case : The insulin Murders by Harold White (, Paperback) for sale online | eBay

A few years later, then-Harvard professor and soon-to-be professional psychedelic guru Timothy Leary would take psilocybin the active ingredient in magic mushrooms with inmates at Concord State Prison. More recent research in the past decade seems to suggest that under the right conditions, LSD has therapeutic potential.

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But something went wrong. Bulger would later denounce Pfeiffer, accusing him of betraying his oath. So many, in fact, that following one a few weeks after his bad trip, he was finally shipped to the notorious Alcatraz penitentiary in San Francisco Bay, along with several other of his problematic escape artist associates.

Joe Rogan on Whitey Bulger's Death

Overview The witnesses and experts, both medical and legal, were in place. Detective White first knew of Archerd when he was shown the file on the murder of Zella Archerd, one of Archerd's seven wives. A few years later as one of the investigators in the murder of Archerd's nephew, White met Archerd personally. He was a handsome man with silver hair and a silver tongue - he looked like a banker or a corporate CEO. Frustrated with the lack of progress in the case of the death of the nephew, but convinced that Archerd was involved in the death of two of his wives, White contacted Archerd's current wife, Gladys, and frankly told her he was afraid she may be the next victim.

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  7. This may have saved her life, as she lived to testify in Archerd's trial. Incredibly, despite the warnings Gladys testified for her husband. She was still in love with the scoundrel.

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    What was it this guy had that made all these ladies become enamored with him? White focused on Archerd again when he investigated the death of yet another of Archerd's wives.

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    He and his fellow detectives examined and reexamined the deaths of three wives and three other people. Circumstantial evidence pointed to death by insulin injection. The detectives located hospital records of each victim, interviewed their families and family doctors as well as lab technicians and psychologists.

    The detectives spent Saturdays at the Los Angeles County Medical Library researching insulin and its effect on the human body. They spent hours in the Los Angeles Law Library locating cases similar to theirs. They talked to a drug company and to experts in the field of insulin shock therapy, diabetes and hypoglycemia.

    Fully prepared and armed with the best case they could muster, the detectives helped the prosecution present the case against William Dale Archerd. Archerd was found guilty of the three murders charged. This was the end of the "road" for Archerd and he was sentenced to be executed in California's gas chamber. Product Details About the Author.

    Career mobster James Whitey Bulger's surprising advice to three schoolgirls

    White is a charter member of the California Homicide Investigators Association. White resides in southern California with his wife, Mary. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Case of the Ghost Maid. On Valentine's Day , Briony Martin is surprised by an invitation to travel with love On Valentine's Day , Briony Martin is surprised by an invitation to travel with love interest, John Fletcher, to Savannah, Georgia to help him solve a mystery. John is a private investigator, and his mother's childhood friend has requested his View Product.

    This tale of an ordinary man depicts, on a larger scale, the fall of intellectual