Wraith of an Immortal Chapter 4-5 (The Isles: Wraith of an Immortal: Chapters Four-Five)

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He tells us what is true. We have to follow his truth as it is revealed to us. From H; flesh from its freshness ; by extension body, person; also by euphemism the pudenda of a man. Jacob gives up the ghost. KJV uses the word ghost to mean die, or perish. He gives it up. It goes away from him.

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Which made him dead. From H; alive; hence raw flesh ; fresh plant, water, year , strong; also as noun, especially in the feminine singular and masculine plural life or living thing , whether literally or figuratively. From H; death natural or violent ; concretely the dead, their place or state hades ; figuratively pestilence, ruin.

Choose life, so you can live. These words talk of physical mortal life. The Israelites never had eternal life.

Summary of Herodotus

When Jesus talked about eternal life, the people wanted to know how to get it. Only physical blessings with a hope, or faith of more to come in the future. Joshua is talking of dieing and turning back to dirt. No mention of an eternal afterlife, to be experienced immediately after death. This is a very interesting storey about Saul. He goes to see a median so that he could talk to the prophet Samuel who was dead.

Some people may try to use this passage to show that Samuel was conscious somewhere. He took it to be Samuel. The woman had a familiar spirit. She talked to satanic forces.

That is why God wanted all medians killed. The message that was given was foretold already by Samuel. It was also very demoralizing to Saul and it made him very afraid.

Note she said that she saw him rising out of the ground rather than descending out of heaven. As well there is the question can Satan bring people back from the dead? Or more troubling, drag them back to earth from heaven? The implications can get deep if you believe that it was really Samuel. I believe that it was a spirit, pretending to be Samuel, to an ungodly king. The next few verses are very similar, so I have lumped them together.

Tacitus, Annals, 15.20-23, 33-45

However we can see by other verses that David is sleeping in his grave along with his relatives. This fact would put the child in his own grave asleep. David would be rightly expecting to go and be with his son, they both are asleep in their graves. And they said, He is dead. I shall go to him, but he shall not return to me. Notably David, and Solomon, two peoplewho you would think would be in heaven. But they are described as sleeping with their fathers. KJV Usage: X at all, cast down, [over-] lay self down , make to lie down, down to sleep, still, with , lodge, ravish, take rest, sleep, stay.

The soul is the same one that we saw in Gen. God brought the boy back to life, as a mortal. Nor would he have kept the laws of God. He was just the son of the widow that Elijah was staying with in a foreign land. Here is a story of Elisha bringing another child back to life. Again no immortality is mentioned or referred to. Just the happenstance of touching the bones of a dead prophet of God. Here man is described as mortal. How can it be that we would be mortal, and immortal at the same time?

In this verse Job talks of where he expects to go when he dies. To be fair he was very melancholy at the time. It was a very dark time in his life, and he is talking metaphorically. Here Job talks about waiting for his change, all the days of his appointed time. Definition C relief from death. Look through the definitions and see which one you would use to describe the words. Akin to H; a primitive root; to walk in a great variety of applications, literally and figuratively. A primitive root; to turn back hence, away transitively or intransitively, literally or figuratively not necessarily with the idea of return to the starting point ; generally to retreat; often adverbially again.

Here is a great verse supporting a resurrection. His faith is that even though his body will be eaten by worms, he will see God on earth, in his flesh, in the end times. This tells us where we go when we die. A physical grave awaits our physical bodies. Nothing about immortality here.

The wicked are reserved to the day of destruction, laying in the dust, remaining in the tomb. From H; wind; by resemblance breath, that is, a sensible or even violent exhalation; figuratively life, anger, unsubstantiality; by extension a region of the sky; by resemblance spirit, but only of a rational being including its expression and functions.

Much more than documents.

We have no memory of, nor do we thank God. Void of any conscious thought. Who is our redeemer? When will we have victory over the grave? As these questions need the NT for a proper answer, we will get to them. But for now, his soul would not be redeemed at death, as his redeemer had not yet redeemed it. Rule two would apply. Mankind is only saved by the atoning sacrifice of Jesus.

History, Society, and Culture (Part IV) - William Blake in Context

The whole of humanity is saved by Jesus blotting out our sins on the cross. To say that anyone from before Christ could have been reconciled to God makes a mockery of what Christ did for us all, and cheapens his sacrifice. No other way was found, as there is no other way. But here in Psalms the author has faith that he will be redeemed at some point in the future. It was used 63 times.

The definitions range from place of the dead, to punishment for the sinful. Both are accurate. It is a place for the dead, the grave. Where the body is consumed by worms and we go back to the earth that we were made from. Later when God brings us back to life, and we see him in our flesh. Then the wicked who reject God, will go to hell.

The Mirror King

That is their punishment. Till the day of wrath comes we wait in our graves. Some wait for rejoicing, some wait for punishment. From H; hades or the world of the dead as if a subterranian retreat , including its accessories and inmates. I think this verse ties in quite nicely with my thoughts on the above scripture.

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Judgement is yet to come. The dead have to wait in their graves till then.